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PacorTech ensures that your Porsche receives the highest level of care & expertise when it comes to service & repair.

Utilising Porsche Genuine and high quality parts with the latest factory recommended tools, PacorTech will apply their wealth of knowledge to make sure your Porsche is repaired and maintained to the highest level.

Diagnostics & Errors

PacorTech can quickly and efficiently run diagnostics to fix any errors your Porsche might be throwing. We combine our extensive diagnostic knowledge and experience to get your car fixed and on the road quickly.

Clutch & Transmission

Regular servicing of your Porsche transmission and clutch can maximise vehicle performance. PacorTech uses the latest tools and technology to inspect your Porsche's transmission system and provide advice on the next steps to make sure your vehicle is in top condition.

Brake Maintenance

Keeping your brakes well maintained keeps you safer on the roads. If your Porsche is not stopping as well as it should or the brakes are squealing or shuddering you could be putting the safety of yourself and those around you at risk. PacorTech value safety so we only fit high quality components.

Suspension Repairs

Car driving poorly? Bumpy, noisy or steering poorly are signs you might need to get your suspension and alignment checked out. We can assess your Porsche and repair or replace the problematic components to ensure you have a smooth ride.

Repairs & Maintenance

PacorTech have years of experience troubleshooting and fixing issues with Porsche vehicles. Whatever the problem may be, book a service with PacorTech and we can help get you back on the road.

Pre/Post Purchase Inspections

Make an informed decision about purchasing a used Porsche with an inspection at PacorTech. We will provide you with a detailed list of issues and advice so you know exactly what you’re buying.

Key Replacement & Programming

Lost a key or need to reprogram a new key for your Porsche? PacorTech can clone you a spare key or make you a new one without having to make changes to your Porsche.